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Leadership, Influence & Trust to Create Professional Strategies

Introduction to Leadership and Strategy

Leadership is not just about taking charge. It is about guiding and inspiring others to work towards a common goal. Influence plays a significant role in effective leadership, shaping the behaviors and attitudes of team members. This section will delve into leadership, influence, trust, and developing professional strategies that resonate in todays dynamic world.

  • Understanding the essence of leadership and its correlation with influence.
  • Exploring the leadership and strategy courses regarded as best practices led by influential figures in professional development.
  • Discuss the critical connection between trust and influence within leadership and how these elements lead to establishing leadership principles.
  • A leader sets the direction and influences people to follow that direction, illustrating the fundamental role of leaders.
  • Delving into the strategies for creating a robust thought leadership and training framework thats practical and effective.

This course is designed to unravel the success strategies employed by exemplary leaders, aiming to elevate the standing of their organizations. We study the tactics that have demonstrated efficacy in both local and global market scenarios.

Participants will gain insights into applying these best practices within their professional contexts, with case studies presented through interactive videos complemented by hands-on activities and team-based discussions to enrich understanding and facilitate practical application in various working environments.

Policy Strategy and Leadership Course Exploration

Discussing policy strategy and leadership involves crafting and implementing plans aligning with organizational goals while leading people effectively. This segment focuses on the intersection of policy-making and leadership, offering strategies to influence policy decisions and inspire collective action.

  • The course covers how to develop policies with strategic leadership in mind to achieve organizational objectives.
  • It provides a foundation for shaping a policy strategy and leadership course that guides participants through the nuances of policy development with a leadership perspective.

Targeted Groups

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individuals aiming to enhance their leadership qualifications and trust-building abilities will find this course incredibly beneficial. It is tailored to grow leadership capacities and trust, essential for career advancement.

  • Addressing the specific needs of managers from various managerial tiers.
  • Focusing on the development needs of supervisors and team leaders.
  • Offering resources for employees to access leadership trust courses to further their professional growth.

Course Objectives

The course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of leadership, extending from historical insights to contemporary strategies. Objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying leadership best practices throughout history and crafting contemporary thought leadership strategies.
  • Outlining personal leadership strengths and areas for development, particularly in fostering trust.
  • Explain their leadership capabilities and areas for personal development.
  • Emphasizing the traits and responsibilities of an effective leader within any organization.
  • Introducing change management models conducive to planning, communication, and implementation of organizational changes.
  • Examining methods to both establish and regain trust within a professional setting.
  • Creating strategies that support a conducive work environment, promoting leadership and continuous improvement.
  • Highlighting the significance of trust in leadership influence and developing a high-trust leadership approach.
  • Get the most productivity, create a culture that earns respect, and foster leadership strategy training.
  • Enhancing productivity, respect, and fostering leadership strategy training for an innovative corporate culture.

Targeted Competencies

This course is designed to strengthen a variety of competencies that are essential for successful leadership, including but not limited to:

  • Mastery of leadership skills and achieving a balance in leadership roles.
  • Establishing loyalty by fostering trust.
  • Transforming team members into productive and proactive followers.
  • Proficiency in change management to navigate transitions smoothly.
  • Strategizing for future success and organizational sustainability.
  • Embodying the principles of leading by example and personal growth.
  • Earning and commanding respect from colleagues and team members.

Course Content

Unit 1: Leadership and Influence - Defining the Relationship

  • Exploring the various roles and expectations of a leader.
  • Gauging personal leadership qualities and behaviors through self-evaluation.
  • Leadership from Within.
  • Inner leadership development and models that shape thought processes.
  • Understanding leadership through different perspectives and models.

Unit 2: Inner Leadership - Leading From Within

  • Enhancing self-awareness and knowledge.
  • Practices that foster self-reflection and bolster self-esteem.
  • Understand how you think.
  • The character of a leader
  • Creating an environment of leadership
  • Authentic leaders are emotionally intelligent.
  • Guide to Your Inner Leader
  • Balance in mind, body, and spirit

Unit 3: The Role of a Change Leader

  • To Make the change transition.
  • Responses to change.
  • How to be resilient during change times.
  • Environmental change agents.
  • Change and leadership models.
  • To Communicate change.
  • The human side of change.
  • Navigating the process of organizational change.
  • Analyzing typical responses to change and how to exhibit resilience.
  • Identifying the agents of change within the environment and applying leadership models suitable for change.
  • Communicating change effectively and acknowledging the human elements involved.

Unit 4: Building Trust as a Leader

  • What is trust?
  • Understanding the concept of trust and its benefits in a high-trust environment.
  • Trust-reducing behaviors.
  • To Restore breached trust.
  • Building capacity for trust.
  • Identifying behaviors that undermine trust and strategies to restore it when breached.
  • Building a foundation for trust and sharpening personal influence and political acumen.
  • Negotiating agreement.

Unit 5: Creating a Leadership-Fostering Environment

  • Mind and action focus.
  • Focusing on the alignment of thoughts and actions for leadership effectiveness.
  • Adapting the Alliance Mindset for Collaborative Success.
  • To develop the Win-Win solution.
  • Tips on improving performance.
  • Developing solutions that assure mutual success for all parties involved.
  • Strategies for Fostering Leadership.
  • Leadership and influence course knowledge check.
  • Essential leadership qualities.
  • Strategies to improve performance and encourage leadership qualities.
  • Success questions.
  • Action steps to take.
  • Assessing the learning outcomes of the leadership and influence course.

This detailed course framework is poised to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to understand the underpinnings of effective leadership and actively apply these strategies in their professional endeavors to achieve excellence.



Management & Leadership Training Courses
Leadership, Influence & Trust to Create Professional Strategies (ML)


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