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SAP Basics & Business Processes Integration


Integrated SAP software fosters innovation without disruption. In a global economy, businesses must efficiently extend processes across a broad network of customers, suppliers, and partners. This will reduce waiting time and waste while speeding up key processes throughout the network. This course will give you the foundational knowledge you need to understand how a highly integrated system can favorably impact your company's performance

Targeted Groups:

  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Owners / Team Leaders / Power Users
  • Program / Project Managers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Navigate confidently within SAP systems
  • Describe how various business transactions are performed using the SAP ERP system
  • Explain the integration points between applications within SAP ERP
  • Participate in blueprint definition for their implementations actively

Targeted Competencies:

  • Automation of Business Processes
  • SAP ERP Basics and Navigation
  • Financial Accounting (FI) Basics
  • SAP Management Accounting (CO) Basics
  • Purchase-to-Pay Processing in SAP ERP
  • Plan-to-Produce Processing in SAP ERP

Course Content:
Unit 1: Automation of Business Processes:

  • Automation of Business Processes
  • SAP ERP Basics and Navigation
  • Defining System-Wide Concepts
  • Explaining NetWeaver Business Warehouse concepts
  • Explaining Interrelated Business Processes
  • Navigating Within the SAP ERP System
  • Personalizing the User Interface

Unit 2: SAP Financial Accounting Basics:

  • Financial Accounting (FI) Basics
  • Describing SAP FI Tasks
  • Defining the Organization Levels in SAP FI

Unit 3: Human Capital Management (HCM) in SAP ERP:

  • Explaining HCM Processes
  • Defining HCM Structures
  • Explaining the Employee Hiring Process
  • Managing Employee Records

Unit 4: Purchase to Pay Processing in SAP ERP:

  • Describing the Purchase-to-Pay Business Process
  • Identifying Organizational Levels that Support the Purchase-to-Pay Business Process
  • Defining the master data used by the procure-to-pay business process
  • Creating a Vendor-Specific Master Record
  • Creating Purchase Requisitions
  • Posting a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order
  • Processing Vendor Invoices
  • Identifying Purchase-to-Pay Integration Points

Unit 5: Order to Cash Processing in SAP ERP:

  • Describing the Order-to-Cash Business Process
  • Identifying the Organizational Levels That Support the Order-to-Cash Business Process
  • Creating a Customer Master Record
  • Using Material Master Records
  • Creating a Customer Material Condition Record
  • Creating Sales Orders
  • Delivering Sales Orders
  • Creating Customer Invoices
  • Receiving Customer Payment

Unit 6: Warehouse Management in SAP ERP:

  • Creating purchase order
  • Receiving goods
  • Run bin status report
  • Creating transfer order
  • Confirming transfer order
  • Creating stock transport order

Business Information Technology Planning, Deployment & Management Courses
SAP Basics & Business Processes Integration (B1)


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